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inventory party block of chocolate

Party “Time”! Inventory style!

And thank you Sudio Apetit for ths block of tasty chocolate!

taiping twitter post

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you to Tai ping carpets for this amazing year and what a finale! Just be among the finalist is been a great honor! Thank you for all the votes!

pamm party 2

Night at the museum!

Night out with the curator of the show Inventory, Thais Fontenelle. We had a good time! W magazine party at the new PAMM museum in down town Miami. Happily wearing two of my necklace! and getting all the attention! show

Necklaces in show. Inventory “Time”

tai ping announcement

We are in the finalists!

We are among the 5 finalists,for Interior Design Best of the Year award 2013 thank you Tai ping Carpets and thank you to all that vote for us!

white invite

Miami International Airport Inventory exhibit “It’s about time”

This month we are installing the show in the Miami International Airport Inventory “It’s about time”. Presenting one of my necklaces in a very remarkable size, the “Smelting” pink plexi bench, the “Portrait of the artist in her studio”in collaboration with Paul Stoppi. The back ground large photographis by Paul Clement.

collaborative colletion MR.O/Tai Ping lauch party

Launch party in New York city

tai ping show room 1

Preview at Tai ping carpets in New York city.

New York city here we come! At Tai Ping Show room in New York for the launch of the MR.O carpets collection.

limited edition bubble

Limited edition printing for the NY cocktail party

MR.O in collaboration with Madralab

“Con Le Mani”

The pieces in this installation are the result of our collaboration with many different artisans. Our goal was to achieve high-end design with the finest materials possible by collaborating with people who love old-world craftsmanship and who flourish through the challenges that are presented when things are hand made. As such, all the items presented in “Con Le Mani”, including the rug that we developed with Tai Ping , have required a deep and personal human touch.

The circular pattern that is seen throughout this installation was created in 2010, and first incorporated into our “Welk” cabinet. Inspired by the bubbles in champagne, the pattern is now being re-introduced on a different scale and in different materials. Our side table in walnut and gold leaf includes a glass vitrine. Our two-drawer night table is finished in walnut and chocolate matte lacquer These two pieces were made In collaboration with Riccardo Motta from Madralab and Riccardo Brotini. Our wool and silk carpet with thre three-dimensional carved bubble pattern was created in collaboration with Tai Ping.

Inventory 03: Experience of a city

Another brilliant show from the curator Thais Fontenelle! MR.O installation featured the purple silk and wool carpet in collaboration with Tai Ping ,replicating the pattern of the gold and chocolate color cabinets.

Tai Ping Champagne Reception

Inventory 03: Experience of a city

MR.O studio in show with “Inventory 02 Soul does matter” part of Art Basel Miami 2011

This year during Art Basel Miami 10th anniversary, MR.O design studio was part of  the show“INVENTORY 02 Soul does matter” curated by Thais Fontenelle. MR.O installaction was featuring beautiful ceramic plates from Madralab.

MR.O Design studio at West Elm in Midtown”Join the conversation”

This is the magic that Michael can create with anything ,anywere! The drawing in the picture is my portrait.My son Oliver made it last summer!  I love it! Yes! Even my “Freshly Baked” necklace were there! “Happylittlevillage” paper house and a sculpture of our friend Laz Ojalde.

MR.O studio in collaboration with Fatboy(R)USA present “Happylittlevillage gets happier”

Public space installation at Miami Ironside. This was a great party! WE love the Fatboy(R)USA bean bags! We strategically chosen the colors to match the giant MR.O painting on the floor of the big piazza at Ironside, for the second “Campus Collective”.

MR.O Welk cabinet Exclusively at Odegard Miami showroom!

the beautiful Odegard showroom in Miami Ironside

Thank you Gretel Home!

Abby Kellett avery talented british interior stylist fouder of Gretel home was guest during Inventory show,she used MR.O installation as background for her new web photos!


MR.O Design Studio presents its furniture and products in show!

This February we are participating in an amazing design show that Thais Fontenelle curated, called “Inventory, Series 01: Objects of Desire.“  The show introduces to the public the thinkers and makers who embrace low-production manufacturing and limited editions, like us at MR.O!  The opening party was a great success! Enjoy some of the picks! The show…

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Studio visit

Thank you to Erica Morales from LemonYellow and Stephan Goettlicher for visiting the Studio!  We love Stephan’s picture!

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